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Welcome to JV Environmental Services!

We got our start as J-V Dirt + Loam back in the 70's and have been spreading the best mulch & soils in the business throughout Austin for over 40 years now. Our operations are based at the Company-owned 80-acre tract of land located in east Austin, just 3-miles north of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport. With convenient traveling proximity to the Texas Toll 130, US Highway 183 and IH-35; we are easily positioned as the largest composting facility in the Austin area. Our goal is to reduce & recycle waste streams in the central Texas area while simultaneously providing high quality, budget minded products and services.

We remain dedicated to improving our environment by staying involved in efforts to find new ways to eliminate pollutants, slow down any negative effects on our planet and help make it safer for future generations. JV Environmental Services uses only organic and recycled materials (like compost and mulch) which are used to restore nutrient-depleted soils, increase healthy plant production and conserve our natural resources.

So why should you use recycled materials?

1. Reduces the necessity for creating landfills to store waste; which can contaminate our groundwater and other eco-systems.

2. Replaces the use of chemical-based fertilizers.

3. Saves our water supply by holding moisture in the soil and reduces the need for artificial watering.

4. Controls erosion by creating sedimentation barriers that reduce silt & keep soil in place while eliminating nutrient run-off and increasing vegetation.

5. Increases the growth of plants while protecting them from hot and cold weather extremes.

6. Improves the quality of our air via increased levels of oxygen as a result of increased plant production.

7. Recycling helps stop global climate changes. Increased vegetation decreases the amount of dark surfaces that absorb more heat from the sun causing the "Heat Island Effect."

8. You can feel good about doing your part to make the world a better place!


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