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Composting is one of Earth’s processes which is almost as magical as the growing, flowering and fruiting of plants. Anything which lives eventually dies
50/50 Garden Mix is a blend of topsoil and organic matter. At JV Dirt + Loam, Our Garden Mix is a special blend of
Texas Hardwood Mulch is an outstanding choice for any landscape or garden application. Hardwood mulch ages to a rich, dark hue which adds an
Living Mulch is the practice of covering the soil with perennial ground cover plants instead of hardwood chips. Also known as “green mulching”, this
As the name suggests, Double Grind Mulch is produced by giving a wood mulch material two passes through a grinder. The result is a
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River Rock has been sculpted by water to a gem-like quality that will add instant beauty and elegance to your landscape designs. JV river
Crushed concrete adds a bright and beautiful touch of white to your green planting areas, garden pathways, retaining walls or drainage features. White concrete

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Our products are sold in bulk to fulfill any need–large or small.
Available for pickup or delivery, our compost, mulch, stone and other landscaping materials are perfect for your job. From do-it-yourself homeowners to professional landscapers, builders, developers and municipalities, we are here to help make your life easier.
Our reputation for exceptional customer service and high-quality products designed to help your landscapes to thrive means you can rest easy working with JV Dirt + Loam. Regardless of your budget and project specifications.

Open Monday-Friday 8 AM- 5 PM, our landscape materials are available for pickup or delivery throughout Central Texas.